Repairing Cracks on Your Asphalt Driveways

Posted on February 1, 2018Posted in Uncategorized

Even in the best laid out bitumen driveways in Melbourne, cracks are always an inevitability. They are always going to happen. However, doing quick and high quality repairs on these cracks will improve the curb appeal of your home and also make sure that these small cracks do not degenerate into larger ones which are more difficult to repair and which are obviously going to cost you more in order to restore them into their erstwhile state.

Bitumen Driveways

Cracks are not just dangerous and a factor in the quick deterioration of the entire driveway, they are also going to ruin the look of the bitumen driveways on your premises. If you have some small expertise with the paving of asphalt carparks, there are cracks that you can repair on your own although it is generally advisable to hire a professional in order to get the best and most durable results.

Here is a simple guide on how you can fix cracks on driveway asphalting Melbourne has:

Preparation of the bitumen driveways

Before you begin fixing the cracks, you must carry out some asphalt surface preparation in order to get the best results on the job. The area that you are planning to fix must be prepared adequately. Without proper surface preparation, you may end up even increasing the size of the cracks on your driveways. As part of the preparation, ensure that the edges of the cracks have been cleaned adequately.

If there are any jagged pieces, they can be removed with the use of a chisel. This will allow you to create a smooth line along the crack. Once you are done with that, sweep the crack clean with a brush in order to clear out the pieces of the debris. To clear out the finer pieces of the debris, you can blow the crack using compressed air.


This is a bitumen driveway maintenance technique that will slow down the formation of the cracks and the degradation of the asphalt surfaces. Make sure you do this within reasonable schedules and you will not need to invest in professional bitumen driveways repairs.

Repairing the cracks

Smaller cracks are generally easier to manage. There are asphalt crack fillers that you can use in order to achieve a remarkable result on your driveways. Before you begin filling the crack, ensure that it is clean and completely dry. You can follow the cleaning procedure explained above.

You can subsequently fill out the crack with the help of caulking gun and then proceed to spread out the filler with the help of a trowel. If you are dealing with larger cracks, then the gap must first be filled with gravel until only 2 inches of the crack is left. In the remaining gap, you can pour in the asphalt compound. The area can be evened out with the help of a metal tamper. Repeat the process until the gap is completely wiped off. Read more at Asphalt Melbourne

It may seem easy but this is a fairly technical job and it is generally advisable to leave it in the hands of professional asphalt paving services Melbourne has to help you get the best results. They should be able to diagnose what caused the cracks in the first place and advise you accordingly.