How To Prepare For Moving Into Your College Dorm Room

Posted on February 2, 2018Posted in Uncategorized

Moving into a college dorm room is something most of the Aussie parents dread and every student looks forward to. Preparation is the key, especially if they are moving to a different city or have never lived away from home before. You can make your move-in day easier by hiring a packing service or buying the perfect boxes for moving from specialized one of your many local storage facilities such as the Hoppers Crossing storages.

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Knowing Your Dorm Room In Advance

Many freshmen make the mistake of overpacking their teenage life, without knowing the dimensions of their dorm room. If you are sharing a room, it is best to get in touch with your future roommate before the big day and assess what kind of space you both would be willing to share for the next few years. Also, do not forget to discuss any health concerns either of you may have. It is better to be prepared and have an open understanding of each other and you both will be thankful for it.

Do Not Try And Move Everything

Chances are your dorm room will be a much more limited space than your bedroom at home. Hence, make a list of essentials you will need for your dorm room and bathroom, and try and lay them out in a space that would be equivalent to your dorm room. You should start packing your essentials into the storage boxes for moving Melbourne shops sell for your convenience.

Consider Shipping Some of Your Items

While you can hire a moving caravan from self storage companies such as Hoppers Crossing storages, you can consider couriering some of your boxes for moving through airmail, which will be delivered to your dorm room before you arrive. This will save you an extra trip, especially if you are moving to a different city.

Bathroom Gear

Usually, during the first year, freshmen use a communal bathroom assigned to each floor. In this case, you will need a shower essentials carrier as well as a pair of flip-flops to protect your feet from bacteria. You might want to look for one with hooks which will allow water to drain out below while keeping your hair care products, body wash and dental essentials dry and free of germs. Check Public Self Storage for more details.

A Lock Box is a Must

Even if you and your roommate respect each other’s privacy, having your own safe or lock box is essential. You can store your allowance, important documents, jewellery, expensive electronics and your journal without having to worry about break-ins or theft.

Home Comforts

Now facilities such as Hoppers Crossing storages offer cake boxes Melbourne wide so you can bring some of Mom’s delicious home baked goodies to ease the transition away from home.


Your move-in day does not have to be an overwhelming task. Parents looking for services online can visit websites like to make their college-bound offspring’s day exciting and stress-free. You can also log on to the Internet for more information.