Hiring a 3D Laser Scanning Service for Your Engineering Firm: Is it Worth it?

Posted on October 29, 2018Posted in Machinery & Engineering

The innovation in technology has played an important function in today’s engineering projects. These innovations involve the development of tools that allow engineers to produce quality outputs faster and easier. And one of these tools is the 3D laser scanning technology.


Laser Scanning



What is 3D Laser Scanning?

A 3D laser scanner uses a line of laser light to capture the spaces, shape, and features of an object without having to dismantle its structure. 3D laser scan technologies create a so-called “point clouds” of information from the object’s surface. A 3D laser scanner, in general, is a technology used to digitally determine an object’s accurate shape and size through the use of a computer.

Tons of engineering companies hire a laser scan service provider to help out with their projects. Moreover, if you are thinking about hiring an NZ laser scanning service, here are a few reasons why it is a great investment:

Advantages of 3D Laser Scanners in Engineering

1. It promotes precision.

The use of laser scanners in engineering projects helps minimize errors by giving accurate data. It allows a designer to gather accurate measurements and shapes of a particular structure; thus, miscalculations and the need for alterations are minimized.

2. Eliminates the need for manual interference.

One of the main reasons why a lot of engineering firms hire third-party services that offer laser scanning in NZ is to cut down manual intervention on projects creation. Manual intervention often results in errors due to inaccuracy in gathering data.

3. Helps save time and money.

3D laser scanning allows designers and engineers to go through each design stages with high adherence to precision and in a timely manner. Thus, it gives the company the benefit of high productivity while saving time and money at the same time.

Those are some of the many benefits 3D laser scanners give to engineering projects. If you have finally decided to hire a laser scanner service provider, here are some of the pointers to consider:


The 3D laser scanner to hire must be able to provide a service that can adapt to multiple engineering tools and platforms. You might be working on various projects; thus, the laser scanning tool to be used must be compatible with the newest design and engineering technologies. Visit NOVAMECH for more details.

The Price and Service Inclusions

When hiring a laser scanner service provider, do ask for the upfront service price and its inclusions. Do consider your projects’ laser scanner requirements and check if a certain service can offer you what you need. You can also find a number of cheap laser scanning NZ-based services; thus, you don’t have to worry about shelling out too much of your company’s money.


Top quality engineering is backed by an exceptional team of designers and cutting-edge technology that promotes the production of first-rate outputs.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the perks of using 3D laser scanners, it’s about time you looked for the best laser scanning service provider. You may look up the web or visit http://novamech.co.nz.